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Ziebart Excavating Ltd. | Kamloops BC | Retaining Wall

Ziebart Excavating’s founder Greg Ziebart started in the excavation industry in 1974 when he worked with his father, Ike. Greg gained experience with various companies and projects across BC and Alberta, including the first two building phases of the Coquihalla Highway and fibre optic network from Vancouver to Jasper.

Greg worked on both large and small residential projects, and after 15 years of solid experience, acquired his first machine in 1990 to form Ziebert Excavating Ltd.

Excavation services were then expanded to Sun Peaks Resort with a gravel pit and rock quarry in 2006. Recent completed projects include earthworks for the Mountain Cross Carts, Sun Burst Lodge, and Orient Quad Chairlift. Several ongoing residential excavation projects continue for local housing developments. Snow clearing is provided as a seasonal service, as Sun Peaks continues to grow as a year-round municipality.

Ziebart Excavating is built on high-quality workmanship and fair pricing. Our team of experienced equipment operators are locals and we take safety and community responsibility seriously. We encourage site meetings prior to the start of work each day to ensure new projects are done safely, efficiently and as cost effective as possible. Communication is important and we provide the correct size of machine for the job.

Site Preparation for New Home Builds

With decades of ‘been there, done that’ experience under our belts, we can provide you with an honest, expert opinion, even if you’re only at the contemplation stage. Site preparation is one of our specialties, and we’re happy to help you get started.

Preparing a site for construction involves site clearing, excavation, grading and compaction. Proper water drainage and ground stabilization is taken into consideration throughout this process. We take your landscape design into serious consideration throughout the process.

Retaining Walls

Our landscaping services in Kamloops and Sun Peaks includes building retaining walls with blocks, gabion, natural rock and boulders. A retaining wall can help achieve slope stabilization, an important process in the control of ground shift and erosion. Depending on the design of the landscape, a gabion (a wire cage filled with rock) is very stable when used for civil engineering and landscaping. Natural stone retaining walls and pathways are a stunning addition to any yard, creating clean, manageable outdoor space.

Ziebart Excavating Ltd. | Kamloops BC | Retaining Wall
Ziebart Excavating Ltd. | Kamloops BC
Ziebart Excavating Ltd. | Kamloops BC

Gravel Products

Since expanding to Sun Peaks in 2006, we have created a variety of products from our gravel pit and granite rock quarries. Granite is a hard stone, chosen for landscaping because of its durability. Excavating and hauling granite from our quarry makes it more economical to supply for our clients.

The trend toward low maintenance xeriscaping to preserve potable water gives us the opportunity to provide gravel products for both commercial and residential clients. If you need aggregates delivered to your site, please fill out the online form for product and delivery information, or call 250-371-7800.

Ziebart Excavating Ltd. | Kamloops BC | Gravel Pit

Landscape Granite:
1 inch minus pathway granite
1 – 2 inch landscape rock
2 – 4 inch landscape rock
4” – 1’6” landscape rock
1.5’ – 4’ boulders
(Ask us for a quote for larger size)

Drain Rock
1”, 2” and 4”

Pit Run
4” minus
Bank pit run

Road Crush
3/4” minus road crush

For excavation, gravel products and waste fill services in Kamloops and Sun Peaks, fill out the online form or call Greg Ziebart at 250-371-7800 for a stress-free chat on how we can help you plan and complete your project.


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